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Westcliffe Primary School Sports funding 2015/16

This document outlines the use of the government’s £9300 investment in PE for Westcliffe Primary School for the 2015/16 academic year.


During the previous academic year, a significant amount of money was spent on replacing and purchasing new equipment. We found that this ensured that children were more enthusiastic during lessons and took more pride in looking after equipment during PE. This year, as we have not needed to purchase many new pieces of equipment, we have primarily directed our spending to the Gold Package of The Humber Sports Partnership. This has enabled us to provide CPD opportunities for staff, participate in competitions, attend trips with pupils of gifted and talented sporting ability, and work closely with PE specialists.


Planned spending will be categorised under the following headings:


Staffing – additional staff employment to deliver PE/extra-curricular sessions

Equipment – new equipment purchase to assist with driving the curriculum forward

Memberships – memberships of external groups or organisations

Schemes of work – subscription to schemes of work



Mrs Cullum


Mrs Cullum working 12.00-4.15 every day as follows:

12.00 - 12.50 lunch time sessions on the playground focusing on team sporting activities

12.50-3.10 Mon-Fri teaching PE sessions

3.10 – 4.15 after school sports clubs


Mrs Cullum’s wages will be partly paid by the government fund. The remainder will be contributed by the school as part of their commitment to improving sport opportunities across the school.



Children access a wider variety of sports (through after school sports)

Children have access to high quality PE lessons

Provided more after school opportunities


Miss S Williams


Miss Williams working 12.00 – 2.00 from Tuesday to Thursday as follows:

1.00-3.00 Healthy Living PE sessions working with a selected group of inactive children

Miss Williams’ wages will be paid by the government funding



Target children encouraged to live healthy lifestyles

Healthy lifestyles promoted through school

All children have access to extra-curricular opportunity

Children have increased awareness of a healthy lifestyle



A small amount of new equipment has been ordered to replace damaged equipment.


Equipment ordered is as follows:

Bishop sports - £125



Raised attainment in PE

Improved children’s attitudes to PE



We have purchased a membership to The Humber Sports Partnership (Gold package - £2500). This package includes the following:


Youth Sport Trust membership

This includes national communications and updates, regional networking, priority access to national programmes and access to members website and online resources.


CPD for staff

This has included training for NQT staff on delivery of quality PE teaching in KS1, training for the PE Coordinator on Leadership of PE, and the British Gymnastics two day course.



Children across Key Stage 2 have already competed in inter-school competitions. We plan to send children from KS1 and KS2 on other competitions in the future as well as rolling out an intra-school competition to encourage all pupils to experience a competition environment.


Allocated time with PE specialists

PE specialist Owen Denovan has worked one to one with the PE Coordinator to create an action plan tailored to the school’s individual needs to ensure that delivery of the PE curriculum is outstanding. Tom Brooks has delivered training to 20 pupils to represent the school as Sports Ambassadors. Future events such as Skip4Life are booked for children later in the year.


Trips for children to attend

4 free places were allocated for children to attend the English Institute of Sport. A further 8 places were purchased by Westcliffe Primary School at £10 per head. This trip included a tour of the facilities alongside an athletics and boxing training session at the institute.



Development of staff’s PE teaching skills

Development of PE leadership within school

Increased competitions/more children have access to competitive sports

Increased pride in school

Profile of PE has been raised in school


Scheme of work

Primary Steps in PE KS1 & KS2 scheme of work = £350. This provides clear, high quality planning that focuses on the development of functional skills. Teachers are able to amend planning to the individual needs of their children to ensure that high quality teaching is consistently delivered.



Clear planning to enable easier and higher quality delivery of PE lessons

Planning based around improving functional skills of children


Overall spending (£9300 budget)

Staffing           £6245

Equipment          £125

Memberships      £2500 + £80 extra for trip

Schemes of work  £350

Total               £9300