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Westcliffe Primary School

'Our school is committed to inspirational teaching that develops aspirational young people.'



Our school prefects are our model pupils. Prefects are honest and trustworthy and can 

be relied upon to carry out any task asked of them. Our prefects wear their badge with 

pride and complete daily tasks as part of a team to support both staff and children in 

our school. Our prefects model the high expectations we set all our pupils through 

making good choices and always wearing the correct school uniform. 

In order to become a prefect, an application form is completed in the summer term and 

references are sought.


If selected, children are invited to attend an interview. All 

applicants then receive a letter informing them if they have been successful, or not. 

Prefects are then trained up by the outgoing Year 6 children ready to begin their new 

roles in the September that they become a Year 6.

Picture 1 Prefect Maykol.
Picture 2 Prefect Natasha.
Picture 3 Prefect Titas.
Picture 4 Prefect Zuzanna.
Picture 5 Prefect Anna B.
Picture 6 Prefect Anna.
Picture 7 Prefect Brianna.
Picture 8 Prefect Charlie.
Picture 9 Prefect Gzegorz.
Picture 10 Prefect Jay-Kirk.
Picture 11 Prefect Jessie.
Picture 12 Prefect Katie.
Picture 13 Prefect Keeley.
Picture 14 Prefect Makenzie.
Picture 15 Prefect Teegan.

A Prefect's code