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Spring Term

In 1/2C this term we have an exciting new topic called ‘The Humber Bridge’.  In our history lessons we will be finding out about how this amazing landmark brought about big changes to the local area over time. As geographers we will be learning to use geographical vocabulary to talk about the Humber Bridge, its surrounding area and our own local area.  We will look at the Humber Bridge more closely on different maps. We will also be taking a trip to the bridge to see it for ourselves.


As scientists we will be learning about materials and how we would describe their properties. We will be thinking about why objects are made of one particular material and relating this to the properties of that material.


As artists our work will be influenced by the topic of bridges too. We will be looking at different bridges and talking about the shapes and patterns we can see. We will then use these shapes and patterns to create our own prints of bridges.

As designers we will be creating our own free standing structures. We will use what we have found out about materials and the shapes we have seen, when looking at different bridges, to construct a bridge of our own.


In RE we will be studying the Lincolnshire RE syllabus and we will learn about the religion of Christianity and how Christian people live their lives according to what the bible says.

As gymnasts in PE we will be exploring jumping.  We will be learning the principles of take-off and landing using different take-off and landing points. We will be learning how to jump and land safely and to turn using good techniques.


We will continue to work through the Purple Mash programme in computing and the Charanga programme in music.