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Westcliffe Primary School

'Our school is committed to inspirational teaching that develops aspirational young people.'


Spring Term


At Westcliffe we understand that the Early Years Foundation Stage is the most important time in a child’s life.  We aim to work closely with families to ensure that all children have the best start to their education.


This half term our topic will be ‘Frozen Lands’. We will be learning about our planet and colder climates at the North and South Poles. We will focus on a small town in Green land called Kulusuk and how the lives of the people there are similar and different to our own.

We will be learning about an explorer call Preet Chandi. She broke two Guinness World records in January 2023 for the longest solo unsupported one way polar ski journey for a woman.

We are going to learn about an artist called Annie Albers. They use weaving techniques. We are going to practise these techniques and create our own pieces of art.

We are going to be finding about information from non-fiction books and enjoying fiction books like ‘Big Bear Little Brother’ by Carl Norac.

We will continue to develop or reading, writing and mathematical skills. Your child’s class teacher will be more than happy to speak to you about your child’s progress. They will be able to give you ideas and tips on things which you could do at home to support them further.

Our Reception environment is welcoming, dynamic and language rich. We ensure children can learn and explore safely, whilst developing their self-regulation and independence. The children learn through a balance of adult directed activities and child initiated play.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s teacher.


The Reception teachers are Miss Housley (Early Years Foundation Stage Leader) and Miss Wright