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Welcome to the Summer Term


Summer term is here! Glorious weather, sports day, Get Ahead sport events and the Summer term good choices reward are all things we can hope to look forward to this term.

As well as all those amazing sounding things, we have lots of exciting learning this term within our next topic ‘Extreme Earth.’ We will become geographers to learn about natural disasters and the positive and negative impacts they can have on a place. Through this, the children will begin to develop an understanding of how the construction of the world is influenced by nature and natural disasters. We will continue our Extreme earth topic as artists. This will see the children creating collages inspired by natural disasters; looking at the colours, shapes and landscapes. In the second half of the term, children will use their knowledge of natural disasters to create moving structures in DT.


This term also brings us the excitement of swimming lessons! The children will all have swimming on a Friday. They will need to bring a towel and suitable swimwear (a one piece costume for girls and either trunks or swimming shorts (that do not go below the knee) for boys). If your child has long hair please ensure it is tied up – either in a ponytail, bun or a plait. Children are welcome to bring goggles if they own any.


This term the year 4s will sit their Multiplication Table Check. The check involves quick recall of times tables from 1 to 12. We have been working hard on learning our tables in school, but it is always appreciated if the children could practise their times tables at home for that extra bit of help.


This is surely going to be a fantastic final term for this year!