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Westcliffe Primary School

'Our school is committed to inspirational teaching that develops aspirational young people.'

Meet the Staff

School Staffing List and Roles 2023-2024


Senior Leadership Team (SLT)


Mr R Prestwood – Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Miss M Troop – Deputy Head (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Miss M Ross - Assistant Head, Year 5/6 Teacher [Upper KS2 Leader]


Middle Leadership Team


Mrs E Brown - Y3/4 teacher [Lower KS2 Leader]

Mrs R Dixon – Y1/2 teacher [KS1 Co-Leader]

Miss S Housley – Early Years teacher [EYFS Leader]

Mrs C Thomson – Y1/2 teacher [KS1 Co-Leader]


Teaching Staff


Miss S Baddeley – Y5/6 teacher

Miss S Blades – Y3/4 teacher

Mrs G Brown – Y5/6 teacher

Mrs J Carter – Y1/2 teacher

Miss S Gilchrist – PPA cover teacher

Miss E Green - Y3/4 teacher [Early Careers Teacher]

Mrs M Hornby – Special Education Needs & Disabilities Coordinator [SENDCo]

Mrs C Murray - Y1 teacher

Miss N Richardson - PPA cover teacher 

Mrs E Simpson-Inger - Y5/6 teacher

Miss C Williams - Nursery teacher [Early Careers Teacher]

Miss L Wright - Early Years teacher [Early Careers Teacher]


Other School Staff (eg: admin, premises, inclusion)


Mrs C Alderson – School Business Manager

Mrs S Halkyard – Inclusion Assistant

Mr K Hall – IT Network Manager

Miss C Hutton – Administrative Officer

Mr N Lockwood – Site Manager

Mrs Z Turner – Attendance Officer

Mr D Twidale - Site Assistant/ Teaching Assistant


Non-teaching Staff


Mrs J Bartczak – Teaching Assistant/ EAL* Learning Mentor [on maternity leave]

Ms N Birkwood – Teaching Assistant/ Breakfast Club Supervisor/ Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Burke – Teaching Assistant/ Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss C Eastwood - Lunchtime Supervisor [on maternity leave]

Mrs R Fearn - Teaching Assistant

Miss S Heron – Teaching Assistant/ PPA cover teacher

Mrs E Hickson – Teaching Assistant/ Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss M Hilton – Early Years Practitioner

Mrs A Howard – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs H Kaur-Samra - Teaching Assistant

Ms K Kendrick - Teaching Assistant

Mrs H Marples - Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Marshall – Teaching Assistant/ Lunchtime Supervisor/ Breakfast Club Supervisor

Miss J-L Moorhouse - Teaching Assistant/ Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms S McCartney - Teaching Assistant/ Breakfast Club Supervisor/ Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K McIntyre - Teaching Assistant/ Breakfast Club Supervisor/ Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs N Morrison - Teaching Assistant

Miss E Nicholls – Librarian/ Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Prech –Teaching Assistant/ Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs P Reeve - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs F Watson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Watson - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss N Woods - Teaching Assistant/ Lunchtime Supervisor


*EAL = English as Additional Language – those children whose first language is not English