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Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRock Stars)


Times Tables Rock Stars


Teaching times tables at Westcliffe Primary School

As part of the children’s maths lessons they will be taught times tables and multiplication strategies. What times tables mean and how we can apply them to problem solving. This will happen during different weeks of the term and is revisited every term. This teaching occurs during the maths lessons.

Recall practice of age or ability appropriate times tables will happen 4 days a week in 10 minute sessions- the children will carry out recall activities, chanting, number stick rhymes and timed ‘recalls’ of the tables they are learning that half term. One day a week the children will carry out a timed recall activity on TT Rock Stars - Garage Mode. (This day depends on your child’s class – see the class teacher/website to find out which day.) The children/teacher will record the number of questions they have answered correctly and the speed at which they have answered them - from this the children are able to receive an extra ‘credit’ if either of these score improves. The children are not penalised for their score or their speed staying the same or decreasing. However, in order for the children’s times tables to count towards their Pupil of the Week eligibility, they must practise at home.


What are we asking from you and your child?

We are asking you to ensure your child practises at home. This can be done via TT Rock Stars. The children can play on any mode to practise, however Garage Mode is personalised to your child- this will have their tables set by the class teacher. We are asking the children practise for at least 15 minutes a week. This could be broken down, for example, into 3 minutes a day or 3 days of 5 minutes a day – whatever the combination - it needs to be at least 15 minutes a week. The teacher is able to see each child’s TT Rock Stars details and how long they have been on the platform each day. The teacher will look at the last 7 days from the day they have their ‘TT Rock Stars timed recall’ activity. (For example if your child’s day is Tuesday – they will look from the previous Tuesday until Monday and count the time.) If your child has practised for 15 minutes they will receive a credit and this will count towards their eligibility. If they do not practise then they will not be eligible for Pupil of the Week.


Please note this has to be 15 minutes active practice - this means 15 minutes worth of games.

If you do not have a phone or tablet and your child is not able to access TT Rock Stars then paper copies are available. If your child practises on paper, they need to complete 3 x paper copies. 5 minutes per sheet. The children need to give these to their class teacher before or during morning registration of the day their ‘TT Rock Stars timed recall’ activity is carried out. Paper copies are available from your child’s classroom.

In school

Paper copies are available for your child to practise their tables in the Heart of School during break and lunch times, as are Ipads and netbooks in order for your child to practise on TT Rock Stars. So if your child is unable to do this at home – there a lots of opportunities for your child to do it in school – your child will need to remember to take themselves to the Heart of School at break times.

It is of huge importance parents, carers, siblings or other children to do not ‘play’ on their child’s account as this affects the questions asked, scores and times. For example, it will move them on to a times table before they are ready.


How do I get TT Rock Stars?

TT Rock Stars can be accessed via searching in your internet search bar for TT Rock Stars and then logging in using your child’s log in details. Or you can download the app. You can use the TT Rock Stars app on your mobile, tablet or laptop. It’s a free download and available from the Amazon, Android and Apple apps stores by searching for “Times Tables Rockstars”. The children log in with their username and pin. These will be sent home, if not already, in the next week. If you have any difficulties logging in, please ask your child’s teacher or contact school.


Good luck and happy 'rocking'!



Letter to parents/carers September 2023