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Westcliffe Rock Stars


Westcliffe Rock Stars 


Each week your child will complete a 'Westcliffe Rock Stars' recall sheet. These sheets are progressive and will test your child on their ability to count in 1s. 2s, 5s and 10s. If your child's score stays the same or improves they will receive a credit. To count towards Pupil of the Week eligibility your child must show their teacher 3 practices each week. They will also receive another credit as recognition of their work. When your children gains full marks 3 times over several weeks they will move on to the next sheet. Children are given 5 minutes to complete their sheet. 


What are we asking from you and your child?

We are asking you to ensure your child practises at home. Sheets will be available from your child’s teacher. These sheets need to be given to their class teacher before or during morning registration of the day their ‘Westcliffe Rock Star’ activity takes place (see class teacher or the website to find out their day).


In school

Children will have 10 minute lessons each day dedicated to whole class practice – showing the children how to approach counting in different ways. These are lessons and do not count as ‘practice’ towards the Pupil of the Week criteria, however, paper copies are available for your child to practise their counting in the Heart of School during break and lunch times. So if your child is unable to do this at home – there a lots of opportunities for your child to do it in school. Class teachers will remind children they can practise at break and lunch time but your child will need to remember to take themselves to the Heart of School.


Good luck and happy counting!

Letters to parents/carers Spetember 2023