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Whole School Long Term Overview

Whole School Long Term Plan Overview

Cycle A and Cycle B

Westcliffe Primary School Curriculum


At Westcliffe Primary School, the Early Years Long Term Plan runs on a yearly cycle. Key Stage 1 and 2 run on a two yearly cycle: Cycle A and Cycle B.


23-24 – Cycle A


24-25 - Cycle B


This will continue to alternate annually.


Our curriculum is broad and challenging as well as bespoke to the local area. To ensure our curriculum is taught in a thoughtful, coherent and progressive way, four threads have been identified: settlements, leadership, conflict and legacy. These key concepts are integral across different areas the curriculum. They allow children to revisit and build upon prior knowledge throughout all the phases of their school journey.


Subjects such as history, geography, art and others have been devised in-house. Other subjects, such as PE, computing and music follow a bought-in scheme. At times, adaptations to the schemes are made where needed. To support the planning and delivery of the curriculum, in-house learning journeys have been devised and activities have been created so that they are helpful for long-term memory acquisition. See subject pages for examples of the learning journeys.


Whole School Long Term Overview