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Spring Term 



Happy Spring from 5/6RB! Whilst it’s a short term, we have lots of exciting learning jam-packed in.


In English, we will be using some beautiful picture books such as ‘Wisp’ by Zana Fraillon and Grahame Baker-Smith, and ‘Wild’ by Emily Hughes to inspire our creative writing.

In history , we will be learning all about the Early Islamic Civilisation and the incredible advancements they made in maths, science and medicine. This will also inspire our art, as we we look at Islamic architecture and minarets. We will use our geography skills to locate these key places and understand the context in our world.


In science, we will be looking at the human circulatory system and understanding what is actually happening when our hearts beat! Later, we will look at properties of materials thinking about insulation and how we can keep our tea warm.


In spring, we have some exciting events, such as National Storytelling Week, Engineering Week and World Book Day. Get your books at the ready!  

Some reminders:

  • Children need to practise TT Rockstars for 15 mins (or 3 completed worksheets ) and read 3+ times to be eligible for Pupil of the Week (along with following the school rules)


  • We work in maths sets therefore your child may do their TT Rockstars recall test on different days, see below:
  • 5/6RB set- Monday
  • 5/6B set- Tuesday
  • 5/6S set – Wednesday
  • Miss Gilchrist/Miss Troop set – Thursday


  • Our PE day is Tuesday, however many children do additional sports sessions and so will need their PE kit throughout the week.