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Westcliffe Rock Stars and Times Table Rock Stars

Times tables and counting

In school, daily sessions include practising counting and quick recall of times tables. One session includes timed testing to help pupils apply counting and quick recall of multiplication/division maths facts (KS1 Westcliffe Rock Stars and KS1/KS2 TT Rock Stars-see website). The high expectation that pupils practise at home at least 3 times a week (paper copies) or for 15 minutes on TT Rock Stars is included in the Pupil of the Week criteria (See Behaviour Policy). 

Copies of each of the sheets are below. 

Times Tables Rock Stars


You can practise for 15 minutes (or more) on TT Rock Stars online or on the app. Make sure this is 15 minutes worth of games. Or if you do not have access to a phone or laptop then you can practise 3 times on a sheet. Choose the sheet for the times tables you are learning that half term in class. For example, if you are learning 4s -worksheet 5 ends in 4s, if you are learning 7s - worksheet 9 ends in 7s. Remember you can go to the library at break and lunchtime and use the Ipads/netnooks or sheets. If you complete any sheets - remember to give then to your teacher.