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Westcliffe Primary School

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Welcome to Autumn Term in Year 3/4.


We have a very busy term ahead!

English and Maths will focus on consolidating some of the skills learnt last year before expanding and deepening our knowledge further. We will also be having daily handwriting and times tables lessons to secure our basic skills.

As historians, we will be learning all about the Saxons and Vikings. We will using evidence to decide if they were raiders or traders as well as deciding if they really deserve the barbaric reputation they have.

As scientists, we will be looking at forces in physics and changing states in chemistry. No doubt there will be lots of investigations ahead for each of those!


General classroom info:

Reading books can be changed throughout the week. If your child’s book needs changing, they need to put their book in the basket in the classroom. This way we know to change it.


Our TT Rockstar day is Thursday.

Practise needs to be done or bought in for our class’s TT Rockstar day please.


Our PE day is Tuesday.


But if possible try to bring your PE in on a Monday and leave it all week as other sports activities may happen during the week.