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Summer Term in Y5/6R– Grow, Thrive, Survive

It’s here! Summer term! The last term our Y6s will spend at our school. Whilst it will be bittersweet to see them go, we have lots planned before we break up for the summer holidays.


Our topic this term is Grow, Thrive, Survive. In science, we will be looking at reproduction and lifecycles of animals and plants. We will explore their life processes and use secondary sources to find information about different plants and animals. We will conduct investigations including a pattern seeking exercise, where we see how the size of animal effects its gestation period. We will learn different methods for classifying plants and animals, and look at how these have been developed by scientists such as Carl Linneaus. We will also look at evolution and adaptation. We will build an understanding of what evolution is as well as why and how plants and animals have adapted their features to suit the environment they live in. Very excitingly, we will be visiting Yorkshire Wildlife Park to find out even more about this and see the animals up close and personal.


With all this work about plants in science, we are using this as inspiration for our paintings! We will look at the work of Van Gogh and his use of the impasto technique. Specifically, we’ll look at his variety of sunflowers paintings and create our very own interpretations.


In D&T, we will be developing our textiles and sewing skills. We will research, design, create and evaluate our very own textiles project and create an aesthetically pleasing and useful product.


This term will also include the return of KS2 SATs (week commencing 9th May). We’ve done lots of work this year leading up to these national tests, and we’re ready to go! Good luck, Y6s!


Remember our PE day is Wednesday; please make sure you have your outdoor kits in school.


Miss Ross and Mrs McIntyre