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Hearing Support Base

Westcliffe Hearing Support Base


Westcliffe Hearing Support Base is the resourced provision for hearing impaired children of primary age in North Lincolnshire. It caters for children with a severe or profound hearing loss who have an Education, Health Care Plan (EHCP). In some circumstances, children may also be admitted on an assessment placement. The resource base consists of 2 purpose built rooms, which are carpeted and acoustically treated to ensure the optimum listening conditions for hearing impaired children. The children are first and foremost members of their mainstream class, but need specialist teaching and support in order to develop language and fully access the Curriculum. This involves a combination of 1:1 or small group work with the Teacher of the Deaf, as well as Specialist Teaching Assistant support whilst in mainstream classes. The time spent in mainstream lessons varies depending on the needs of the child and their ability to access mainstream teaching.


In the base we use a total communication approach. For us, this means that whilst an auditory oral approach is most commonly used, some children receive additional clarification through the use of Sign supported English (SSE). The Teacher of the Deaf and some of the Teaching Assistants hold British Sign Language qualifications and have experience of working with children who use this as their primary communication mode. Our overall aim is to provide a caring, secure and supportive environment in which our children can enjoy their learning and make the best progress they can depending on their individual starting points and abilities. This is achieved through specialist teaching and appropriate support.


Catherine Waites – Teacher of the Deaf.

Telephone (01724) 282243



What do the children say?


We love coming to Westcliffe Primary school! The adults in the Base help us to look after our hearing aids and cochlear implants. They help us in class when we need it and sometimes they help our friends too! In the Base it is quiet and we can get lots of work done! We like working in the Base and in class too. The teachers at Westcliffe are kind and they understand about hearing loss. They wear the radio aid microphones and know to stand still when they are talking! They know that we find it hard if the children get too noisy! Some of the teachers and children have learned some sign language. Twice a year we run a café in the Base. We decide on the menus and the decorations and do all the shopping and cooking. Then we invite our friends, family and teachers to come. We work very hard being waiters! We look forward to our Annual Review meetings. We take part in the meetings and get to choose what food and drink to offer our visitors.