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Welcome to Spring Term in Year 3/4.


Welcome to a new term in year 3/4!

Even though this term is very short we have an awful lot to learn! Our history is focused on the Victorians and the legacy left by them, the Industrial Revolution and development of the railway. We will look at Scunthorpe and how it has developed into the industrial garden town it is today through the growth of the Steel Works, Roland Winn’s influence and railway lines.  In geography we will be looking at maps of Scunthorpe over time, as well as incorporating a fieldwork trip to Winn Street and the surrounding area to see how the Steel Works have influenced some of the houses in our town. At the end of the term we will be holding an exhibition all about Scunthorpe. It will demonstrate our understanding of its history over the years as well as up to date sketches and drawings.

In literacy we will be focusing on the author Beatrix Potter, an influential writer from the Victorian Age. We will study Beatrix Potter and her life, using a range of text types. We will look at some of her famous stories and characters such as Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny.

We will also study many other areas of the curriculum: charcoal drawings in art, electronic posters in design and technology and electrical circuits in science.

We will continue to develop our mathematical understanding in all areas of maths.

A very busy term indeed!


Quick reminders which will help your child over the year:

  • Read with your child three times a week and record in their Home School Diary
  • Practise times tables for 15 minutes a week, either online  (TTRockstars) or on paper sheets
  • Bring PE kits on a Monday and leave in school throughout the week